Saturday, August 20, 2005

Biking and fishing...native Lahontans!

Hooked up with a good buddy and fellow native fish fanatic for a serious weekend of hiking and fishing. We started by biking in about 10 miles to a very very small little ditch that holds some really rare and unique fish. The creek was located way up this valley.

It was quite some time before we found any water. Actually it got a little dicey for a while--after ten miles in 100 degree heat we were out of water and spent an hour looking:

We realized we had actually gone to far up the valley and circled back cross country and finally got into some fishable water. This is fishable water!

And the fish were there... Native Lahontans that were noticeably red in color thanks to their scud rich diet.

These fish also had some pretty cool spotting on their eyes.

After a great downhill bike ride out we packed up and headed off for day 2...


  1. Anonymous05 July, 2007

    Dave, you have a nice site. I just finished my HTC (three Northern Redbands and three Kern fish), and my application is with the DFG. I have a question re: your Slinkard post. You indicate you biked 10 miles, but my topos and the DFG pdf indicate a much shorter distance. Is this because of the fact you went in too far? I am thinking of hitting this early next month, if there is enough water.

    Dale (dty at comcast dot net)

  2. Dale - we did indeed bike in too far, we actually went to the the head of the valley. I am sure your distance is more accurate and there is no need to go so far.

    Dave B

  3. Anonymous24 July, 2007

    Thanks Dave.


  4. Dave,

    btw, I just heard from Roger Bloom that my HTC stuff should be on its way... I tried getting to some water at Slinkard in early Aug this year. It was impossible. There was flowing water, but only beneath the weeds. There was a fish kill, apparently, actually two of 'em in the last several years, due to fire.


  5. Wonderful report!
    I know that drainage. What I don't know is whether or not those fish were "re-introduced" or "managed". More curious than anything. I am impressed by their health.