Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Native Trout Forum

For the past three or four years a small group of like-minded anglers have been chasing down native trout in their native drainages. This has included myself and:

Gary - Fly Fishing for Native Trout
Chris - The Search for Native Salmonids
Scott - Cutthroat Stalker

Thanks to the Internet and blogs we've been able to connect and form a loose network to share information, ideas and reports (most reports appear on the individual blogs). Now, thanks to the initiative of another native trout minded angler, Anders Halverson of Boulder, Colorado, a new central hub has been created and everyone is participating. I am optimistic that this will become the one-stop web destination for anyone looking for information and community regarding native trout fishing and conservation. I also know that Anders will continue to expand and improve the site, but already there is great information on native trout and some very active message boards, so those interested in fly fishing for native trout should definitely go take a look: