Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pit River and McCloud Redbands

I spent last weekend up at the Pit and another stream which that I won't name. Fishing was good. Camping was good and the company was good.

This is the view down pit 3 from the dam at Britton.

My buddy steve with a pit river bow on.

This is a nice fish I caught at o'dark thirty or so. I thought this fella was bit bigger than the average pit bow but the best thing about this fish is that I caught him with a cross river roll cast. Also note the mayfly fluttering away in the upper right.

This is the best way to scout a run.

Someone had built a "forest bar" out in the woods. Note the bottle holder in the back and the nice flat bar.

This is a nice plunge pool on the second stream.

A plump McCloud Redband.