Saturday, July 09, 2011

The to-do list...

In no particular order, but I thought it would be good (for me at least) to start keeping track of the things I'd like to do in the future (at least things in the vein of trips/fishing/hiking etc.)

Originally created July 2011

Trips that need taking:
-Float the Grand Canyon
-South Fork of the Salmon River
-South Fork of the Flathead in the Bob Marshall Wilderness
-Tundra River in Alaska
-Taimen in Mongolia
-Steelhead in BC
-Thoroughfare in Yellowstone
-Remote atolls in the Seychelles
-Bikini Island
-Iceland for Atlantic Salmon
-Golden Dorado in the Amazon
-Tropic Star Lodge in Panama (this is for you Steve)
-Climb Shasta
-Hike the JMT (including summits of Half Dome and Whitney)
-Tehipite Valley
-World's oldest tree, Methuselah
-Grove of Titans
-Slot canyon in southern Utah

Fish that still need catching:
-Gila Trout
-Eagle Lake rainbow
-Alvord Relic
-Whitehorse Basin Cutthroat
-Oregon desert redbands (the rest of them...)
-Rio Grand Cutthroat
-Mexican Goldens (not an easy thing to do)
-Brookie in it's native waters
-Nelson's trout
-Summer Steelhead in California
-Atlantic Salmon
-Pink Salmon
-Huge Bull Trout
-Pacific Permit
-Milk Fish
-Sail Fish on a fly

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