Wednesday, November 05, 2008


This is one of the coolest anadramous fish research projects I have heard about in a while. A group of seasoned expedition kayakers are going to run three un-navigated Kamchatka streams to survey salmon populations for the Wild Salmon Center.

A good friend of mine, Shane Robinson, will be one of the team. What I can't wait for from this team is the sweet photos, videos and reports that will surely follow the expedition. Shane regularly writes about their first descents and kayaking expeditions at The Range Life.

I've been following these guys adventures for some time with an eye toward the great fishing they must float over. Unfortunately, though, I don't think they typically bring fly rods with them or would even have the energy to fish anyways after the kind of days they put in. Maybe we can outfit them with some equipment and show them how to catch some salmon dinner out there in Kamchatka?

There is not a ton of money out there to support research expeditions like this and these guys need support from the fishing community. You can read about and support the expedition at:
They are also keeping a blog about the trip here:

Please support them if you can.

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  1. Thanks for the Support, Dave! When are you going to teach me to fly fish?