Monday, April 09, 2007

Lower Sac Overnight Float Trip

I spent two days over the Easter weekend floating the lower sac with three friends. Three of us floated on Dave Scadden pontoons and they worked out great. We could easily navigate around the river and even drift fish from the boat. Here is my boat fully loaded with gear and a large cooler.

The upper river was reasonably sized and much more wadeable than the lower river.

A picture of three of the four rafts in the flotilla.

The view up river from our campground on an island near Anderson.

I caught this fish just at dark on a parachute caddis pattern. We saw plenty of rising fish but not until dusk.

The river was much larger downstream of Anderson on the second day.

Pulled over to wade in a nice canyon section.

A final parting shot of the canyon.

All in all a great trip and definitely something I would like to do again. Most fish were caught on either amber wing princes, caddis or micro mays. Overall the fishing was good, not great, but those lower sac bows sure can put a bend in a five weight!


  1. I never knew the lower sac was that pretty - I always drive right by it and fish the upper part...but then again, I usually wade rather than float. Thanks for the great pictures! -Will

  2. Sorry you didn't catch any gila trout.July is not a good time to be fishing anywhere in the Gila National forest. It sounds like the water was warm lower down where the suckers were. the gilas were probably holed up further upstream. I caught about 10 in 5 hours of fishing last week.the biggest one probably 12-13 inches.The last one I caught for the day was in the pool you have pictured. I also had similar trouble with that "high" trail.

  3. Devon - thanks for the comment. It's nice to know that there are some fish there. It sure is a long drive in though....but I guess I'll have to go back!