Monday, July 24, 2006

Upper East Carson Backcountry 2006

I went backpacking into the Upper East Carson drainage over the weekend. The water was much more off color than I had anticipated, although the trip was still fantastic and the fish cooperative, although not nearly as cooperative as usual for this area. The rule here is 100 fish days if you want them. This trip however was characterized by a much smaller number of hard earned fishing. I would give the river a week or so before hiking in here to fish.

This is the first crossing on day 1.

Heading up the meadow to the next crossing.

The second river crossing, it was tough to cross without stopping to wet a line.

This is a tree near our campground, it seems someone else likes this spot as well.

This is a pretty meaningful shot in my book, the confluence of the East Carson and Silver King Creek. Silver king is on the right and flowing clear, mixing with the muddy east carson.

Another shot of the same, silver king on the left.

Some interesting weather that evening.

A nice looking bend in the river.

Working hard...

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  1. Dave,

    Great pictures! I really like your blog.